Venture Capital

At the beginning stage, capital and connections are key factors to the exterprises. GTOG Investment offers ventrue capital from various resoureces to startups for their rapid shifting needs.

Private Equity

GTOG Investment has participated in several PE funds and provides you a continuous capital support with our strong alliances.

Structural Products

As a company grows, the demand of bridge loan, acquisition finance, shareholder liquidation and many other financing services could be needed during the company’s expansion. We offer a full structural product line such as equity financing, equity-related financing, debt financing or combination financing to meet the clients’ demand. With the financing plan we offered, clients are always able to achieve a acceptable price in a shorter period.



GTOG Investment also operates a consulting division to help our clinets to list in the domestic and international public markets. The consulting service covers pre-IPO financing, broker arrangement, post -IPO strategy planning adn etc.

Merger &Acquisition

The mergers and acquisitions have drawn abundant attentions in China for their fast-spreading in the recent years. As one of the industry leaders in the financial consulting business, we are proud that we have participated in those pioneer transactions and gained precious experience that we would like to share with our clients.